Gap Analysis

Odin Business Solutions specialise in gap analysis against ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, AS/NZS4801 and NHVL CoR.

What is a Gap Analysis?

If you are thinking of developing a ISO Management System, then a gap analysis is the best starting point. The gap analysis is utilised to determine the gaps between your current management system and the requirements within the standard. Essentially, a gap analysis is an assessment that compares a current management system to what the standard requires, and identifies the gaps between what’s there already and what’s not.

When should a Gap Analysis be done?

When an organisation is preparing to have their current system certified against a standard and are unsure if they meet all the requirements of the standards, or looking to determine the resources need to develop a management system; a gap analysis will assist with the requirement needed and a comprehensive list of actions required to complete.

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